A Royal Wedding: And you're invited! (Well not really)

Prepare yourselves, it was Announced today that there will be a Royal Wedding in the Future and you're all invited! Well maybe not to the wedding, but to the over abundance of posts on news feeds and blogs about the over run the inter webs.

When I got up this morning and casually scrolled through my news feed on Facebook there was an overabundant amount of posts in regards to the Royal Engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markel. My heart sank a tad as there went my chances of becoming royalty (OK it was a pipe dream, there wasn't a chance in hell) but I was reminded of all the excitement that led up to the last Royal Wedding.

I must admit I'm a sucker for weddings. The last Royal Wedding you bet your ass I was up at the crack of early to watch the entire thing. (I had just recently been laid off work so really I had nothing else to do). My Oldest was just over 15 months old. I took a photo of him in his highchair eating fruit loops while watching the procession. I remember texting my friends who were also watching the Royal Wedding and discussing every detail. The fascinators were the hot topic, next to Kate's Dress of course. You can bet on the fact that if this Royal Wedding is televised I'll be watching that one too. Though now I have the luxury of a PVR so maybe I won't get up at the crack of early to see this one.

If it didn't come with the territory, I would feel terrible for the Lovebirds as everything under the sun if it wasn't scrutinised before, will be now.

Get Ready! Grab your fascinators and raise a glass! There's a Wedding to see!

~Mommy Dearest


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