Carseats: The Bane of my Existence

If you have children you can relate to this post. If you don't have kids you can laugh at my expense and consider this my warning of 'things they don't tell parents to be'.

As I prepare for Black Friday tomorrow (No I'm not getting up at the Crack of early to race to get deals on items I don't need) I have some errands to run and the boy's are going for a Christmas Mini Session since it's a PA Day. I know that it is going to be insanely busy everywhere we go tomorrow so if I can get a jump on things great. Running errands with 2 kids is not my idea of fun, and as for the photo shoot, well I anticipate a shit show. So to be ready for tomorrow I had to move my youngest son's car seat back into my truck. It's freezing cold out and it's already a pain in the ass to install as it is, so it was exactly as I anticipated... Hell

When babies are born, in most places, cannot leave the hospital unless they are strapped into one of the portable bucket seats. Those seats are fantastic and have come a long way since my first was born. They click in and out of the base and are portable. They now have ergonomic handles, 5 point harness, side impact protection etc. I won't get into the semantics of safety in this post. There are thousands of others out there. This post is really about how much of a pain it is to move a car seat from one vehicle to another. Why not have 2 seats? Or why move it? Well first of all Car Seats are not cheap. Second, we only have one vehicle and my Husband takes it to work each day so I always have to take the car seat and booster out in the event I may need to go somewhere.

With my first born he stayed in his bucket seat until he was about 8 months old. At that point he didn't fit. The seat seemed too small and he was too heavy to be lugging around. So in comes the convertible car seat. Putting those suckers in is a pain in the ass. I don't remember how much trouble it was and may be my brain blocked it out so I wouldn't remember. That is until my youngest had outgrown his bucket seat and moved into the convertible one.

Anyone who has seen me have to move the seat will witness something out of a horror film. There is lots of cursing, I usually end up cutting myself in the process, and sometimes if I'm really lucky the first time I install it, it's done right. But I'm not always so lucky and here comes the adjustments and more cursing. I honestly look like a maniac grunting and cursing whilst trying to shake the seat into place. Why do I do this you ask? Simple answer is, the safety of my child. Way back when my dad bolted my car seat to a milk crate in the back of his 2 seater Honda CRX, it was deemed safe now it's a whole other ball game.

When my last was born I declared my lady parts closed for business! I am quite content with the 2 crazy boys I have. If ever I became delusional enough to even consider a third I'll just install and remove

the car seat 20 times and I should be good.
I'm counting down the days until we are done with car seats... (well not actually it's a really long time from now)

~Mommy Dearest


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