Unwritten Household Rules (Respect and Common Sense)

When I was kid there wasn't an abundance of technology. Household computers were not a thing. The most tech savvy gadget in my household was Nintendo. As kids we were expected to play and use our imagination (something sadly most kids lack these days, thanks technology). My parents encouraged me to play outside with my friends, but with this came some household rules that I learned to respect and follow, and continued to follow. 

I now understand why my mother hated when I asked in front of her if so and so could come over to play. She was always irritated by it. Even though she usually would let so and so come over, I heard all about it later and usually got in trouble. I can't stand when my son immediately gets off the bus and in front of everyone asks for a play date for so and so to come over. I refuse to be a push over and stand firm but it irritates the hell out of me. I suppose it's punishment for doing it to my mother many years ago. 

I'm trying to enforce similar rules in my boy's (my youngest is 2 so he doesn't understand anything, he's a tiny dictator with a cute face, but that's for another post) I've of course changed them slightly as times have changed, but it's still a matter of respect. Recently we have had a few situations, and it drove me insane. So here it is folks a rant and list all in one, the unwritten Household Rules:

  •  No Play dates on Monday! (this is the new term for playing with friends, apparently everything is a play date) This means no kids inside my house and no going inside to play at anyone else's house. Monday we are just coming off of a weekend, Monday's generally tend to suck, so the last thing I want is to have to entertain someone else's child let alone subject another parent to my own kid! Monday's are off limits. 

  •  On weekends, PA Days and Summer holidays DO NOT CALL or SHOW UP before 10 am! When I was a kid I was absolutely not allowed to call my friends or call on them to play before 10 am. It was a respect thing, some people actually like to sleep in. I think it's great that your kid was up at 5 am for hockey practice, but in this house we don't do hockey or sports on weekends, we like to take it easy. Have some respect and don't bother us. 

  • Do Not show up at dinner hour! I know dinner hour varies from household to household, however typically dinner hour ranges from 5:30 to 7:30. (There are a few kids in our neighbourhood that I swear decide to show up exactly as we are getting ready to eat dinner.) If you are lucky enough that I did answer the door during dinner and tell you we are having dinner it politely means GO AWAY! It does not mean come back 10 minutes later rapping your fist on my door! I wasn't allowed to bother people during their dinner hour so please be respectful and don't bother us.  My Son still gets upset when I tell him he can't call on his friends or phone up his friend during dinner, but eventually it will be routine and he will learn to respect it. 

  • Holidays GO AWAY! Seriously, when I was growing up there was no way in hell that my parents would allow me to disturb another family on a holiday. This past Thanksgiving we were getting ready to have dinner, low and behold a few of my son's friends showed up at the door, I answered and politely told them we would be eating dinner soon and having some family time together. 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door again, I answered and said we would be having dinner, politely closed the door and went back to getting ready to serve turkey dinner. Would you believe it 15 minutes later the same kids knocked on the door. I was now fuming, so I stomped down the stairs to answer, they wanted to know how much longer we would be. I finally snapped and said "It's Thanksgiving! We are about to have dinner and spend some time together as a family." The kids looked at me baffled and said "Oh ya" I repeated "Oh ya! Exactly!" at which point I noticed they had helped themselves to the contents of our deck box, which brings me to my next point.

  • Do Not go through other people's things! You are not entitled to go through other people's things, let alone take them. I would have never walked by someones yard as a kid and just assumed I could play with their toys. I would not go through someone else's things. It's terrible and technically unlawful. Many time's I have come outside to find the neighbourhood kids have ransacked our outdoor toy box, and not only broken half of the toys but left them strewn across the lawn. I shouldn't have to lock an outdoor toy box on my property!

  • Do Not show up at my door and demand to play inside! I don't let my children speak to me that way, why on earth would I allow someone else's spawn to do so. If I find out my child has gone to call on his friends and demanded or asked to play inside I would be mortified. It's just down right rude and comes back to that whole entitlement thing (again another post). Play outside dammit! Enjoy the fresh air. (My oldest son is ADHD so he needs to burn off energy and play outside, I fully support him running around and playing outdoors.) Please use what little imagination you have and play outdoors! Despite popular belief, you do not need to be gaming 24/7. The world will not end if you don't get to watch that YouTube video, or play another round of your game.

  •  Being a little shi*t will not be tolerated! This means coming over and complaining about everything under the sun, being unkind as we call it. I let my son fight his own battles, I tend not to hover, but when the kids are outside I do check in on them from time to time. If I hear fowl language you're damn right I'm going to tell you it's not appropriate. If you are going to become violent or inappropriate damn straight I will send your butt home. I don't expect my child to act like that and I sure as hell won't allow someone else's kid to do so on my watch either.
Yes my child (your friend) resides here! But it's My Castle (OK tiny 2 bedroom apartment) and it's my rules! If you can't follow the rules, I'll lock up the drawbridge and kick your little butt in the moat faster than you can say "those rules are dumb".

Most of these were unwritten rules when I was a kid, the fact that I need to label it and spell it out saddens me. Teach your kids to be respectful, not only respectful of you but to other's. 

Until Next Time,

~Mommy Dearest


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