12 Days of Christmas Day 1: Decorating for the Holidays

Welcome to the "12 Days of Christmas" Mini Series. Over the Next 12 Days I will be sharing some of our Holiday Traditions. I hope you enjoy!

I absolutely love the holiday season. It's one of my favourite  times of the year. I'm not even sure what I love most about it. (I do know what I like least about it, the Glitter that remains everywhere for months after the holidays). Part of all the Excitement leading up to Christmas that I truly enjoy is Decorating for the Holidays. 

Tree Prior to 2017
One of the first things I love to do is Decorate the tree. In the past I would have my tree and decorations up on November 1st. Ever since I had kids it's gotten later and later each year. I at least try for mid November, which is what happened this year. We don't have a ton of space here so we store all our holiday decor at my in-laws. I have to arrange picking up my bins. Prior to storing them at the in-laws they were stored at my parents. My parents moved this year much farther away and some of Christmas bins went with them by mistake. 

Once I had everything in order I thought I was ready to go, wrong! Those bins sat in my hallway for days before I did anything with them. I also decided earlier this fall that I was going to change my entire decor theme. When my Hubby and I got together over 12 years ago, I decided I wanted to have all white, silver and blue ornaments. So I've been collecting new ornaments over the years. That equals a lot of money and a lot of stuff, I still love it but I wanted a change.

I decided that I wanted a little more traditional/rustic look to the tree this year. I got red and gold ornaments and had natural features like wooden ornaments and burlap garland. I also wanted to make handmade ornaments, sadly I didn't get a too many done, so there's always next year. Though the decorations are a little sparse, I can now start collecting things over the years again. Hopefully one day space will allow a larger tree. I bought a taller narrow tree as we don't have a ton of space in here. (My Hubby calls it a toilet brush tree) I have to make due with the area we have.

If you saw my post Mommy Vs Toddler: Tree Decorating, you know that it was a real struggle trying to decorate the tree. I sometimes have P.O.P.D (Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder) ha ha, I wanted the perfect tree. (Though if I'm being honest I know it's not going to happen because I have a Ninja for a Toddler.) So far the little guy has been pretty good with the tree, it took almost 2 weeks of time outs and redirecting, but he seems to be leaving it alone (It could also be the 100 balloons left in the living room from our Instagram 100 Followers Celebration ) 

I also did my front door wreath in the same Theme. I had made myself a Burlap wreath for my front door last spring and I loved the look of it. I can easily swap out decor for the changing of the seasons. I spent what felt like an entire afternoon on my wreath. (It was probably only 25 minutes, but between chasing after the little guy and shooing the cat away, it felt like an eternity). I wasn't happy with the first few arrangements, but it came together in the end. 

Burlap Door Wreath

Because we don't have a ton of space I decided that I would have to use what space I do have available, and only put up my favourite decorations. I have a few wall signs, and of course the boys' have their own mini tree in their room. (Which my youngest loves to take the ornaments off of after his brother has decorated it.) My oldest also loves the musical Nutcrackers, so for the past couple of years we have been collecting them. Sadly the youngest has broken off some pieces. (Which I won't be fixing until after the season is over.) 

Kid's Favourite Musical Decoration
There is something so Magical when the house transforms for the holidays. I can be found humming Christmas Carols, and there is usually a smile on my face (other than when my youngest is ripping apart the tree). My boys' eyes light up, my youngest has learned to say "Christmas", in his own way of course, but once that tree is lit up he stands there in admiration and has a twinkle in his eye. My oldest also enjoys the lights and sparkle, he also has wanted to help more with the decorations and ornament placement. (He has a keen eye for colour and decor)

This wraps up Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas. Stay Tuned Each Day for a New Post and Tradition. What are some of your favourite Holiday Traditions?

Tis the Season ~ Mommy Dearest


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