12 Days of Christmas Day 10: Christmas Crafting

Welcome to the Tenth day of the 12 Days of Christmas, today we are talking about Christmas Crafting.

Oh what fun it is to do Christmas Crafting. Every year I make crafts at Christmas, not just kid crafts, because those are fun too, but Adult Crafts like handmade Ornaments. I love crafting, I got the gene my Mother who is the Crafting Queen. Pinterest has thousands ideas all at your fingertips. I could spends hours browsing for new ideas. (I don't actually get to spend hours doing it, but I most certainly could). I remember making handmade ornaments in school when I was a kid and my mom would hang them proudly on display. My son started bring home decorations from school too and you better believe I display them proudly throughout the home. 

I decided to change my decor this year and had to basically start from scratch. Christmas ornaments and decor are not cheap and will take time to build up a collection. Some decorations that I saw, I loved, but I couldn't justify the money on them. (I budget for a reason). So I decided that I could make some ornaments for less than the store wanted and they would be that much more special because I made them.

I also found some really great pieces at the dollar store that needed a splash of paint and some glitter and voila, Stylish Holiday Decor on a Budget. The only part I truly hate about crafting in general is the glitter that ends up everywhere. I try to keep it contained using a large box, but sometimes it still manages to find it's way out. See my earlier post My Cat is a Sparkly Jerk

The fun thing about crafting at this time of year is my Oldest loves to help, even if he has no idea what I am making or trying to make, we get to spend a little extra time together. This year we made salt dough ornaments together. 

I now realize why the Christmas craft supplies start hitting the stores in Early Fall, you literally need to start crafting in September to have everything done for the holidays. I only managed to get a few of the things I wanted to make done this year, so I at least have the supplies to make them next year. 

I saw this beautiful sled ornament at a store this fall and I wanted it but it was so much money that I just didn't have so I came home, busted out the craft supplies, (which we have an abundance of thanks to kids) and got to work. I made my own little sled of Popsicle sticks,paint, jute twine, and hot glue. I burned my fingers at least a dozen times, got paint all over my kitchen table, had Popsicle stick pieces flying everywhere as I tried to cut them to size, but I made a bunch of cute little sleds that I am pretty darn proud of. My son loved the idea of building with popsicle sticks and made his own creation while I made mine. 

My Sons' Hospital Bracelets and Hats

Some of the simplest house hold objects can be turned into beautiful decorations. The memories that are made are cherished til the end of time. 

What are some of your favourite Christmas Crafts?

~Mommy Dearest


  1. I absolutely love doing crafts and Christmas crafts are my favorite! This year my two faves were making homemade ornaments with my son and making homemade gingerbread play dough with him :) Shell

  2. kids love to craft! I'm always looking for new ideas and this one looks like a keeper

  3. I love doing craft and other craft ideas that I can turn into lovable and amazing useful stuffs. And my favorite time of doing this is during December.

  4. Love that you craft during the holidays it’s a great personal touch. We have so many handmade ornaments our boys made and we always put them up on our tree. Salt dough ornaments we’ve never tried but I’ve seen them all over Pinterest. So sweet that you’ve put the baby memories into ornaments too

  5. I admire you for being able/making time for doing crafts around this time of the year. I am so crazy busy I can barely remember to eat lunch. I need to plan my time better in 2018 and be a bit more crafty too :) xox

  6. Aww that is cute to add your own art piece to your Christmas tree. I didn't have time to do any diy ornaments but I did buy a lot of items on sale so I am ready for next year!


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