12 Days of Christmas Day 3: Christmas Stories

Welcome to the 3rd Day of the 12 Days of Christmas Mini Series, today's post will be about Christmas Stories.

Reading is so important for Children. We made it a point to start reading to our kids as soon as they were born. When my oldest was born I was reading the Harry Potter Series again, and read aloud to him while I was on Maternity leave. We made it a point to read every night before bed. As my First Born got older and started to learn to read himself, we would get him to help us finish a story, or read us one book and we would read him another. Now that he is much older he now prefers to read quietly to himself. However, at this time of year he still enjoys sitting down and listening to myself or my husband read from our Collection of Christmas Stories. He also takes turns reading to his little brother (melts my heart every time). One of my favourite past times is reading. I've always been a book junkie and love that my kids are showing a large interest in reading (though our tastes in literature differs vastly).

My oldest child was born 3 days After Christmas, one of the first gifts we received that year was a Christmas Story from my husbands Grandparents. They bought the book "An Angel Came to Nazareth - The Story of the First Christmas". This would be the starting point of our Christmas book collection. Each year after we would buy a new Christmas story, and sometimes they would be received as gifts. Over the past 8 years we have collected quite a few stories. 

This year at the Book Fair at my son's school we bought 3 new books to add to our collection. The Christmas stories get pulled out on December 1st and will be read nightly. It's very repetitive, but both boys enjoy it, and we sometimes make a game out of reading the stories. I must say I love the snuggles that go along with it. My oldest will still try to fit in my lap. I'll take this and cherish it, as I know it won't be long before those moments are gone. 

Some of our favourite books we have collected over the years Include: 

  • An Angel Came to Nazareth -The Story of the First Christmas - Anthony Knott
  •  How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Dr. Seuss
  •  Elf on the Shelf - Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell
  •  Elf Pets a Reindeer Tradition - Chanda A. Bell
  • Russell's Christmas Magic - Rob Scotton
  • Snowman Magic - Katherine Tegen
  • The Best Christmas Ever - Robert Munsch
  • Curious George - Christmas Countdown - Tish Rabe. 

There's something about reading Christmas Stories that's magical at this time of year. One of my son's favourite books is Curious George: Christmas Count down, it was one of the first books he learned to read. He now reads it to his little brother. 

Young and Old alike can get into the Spirit of Christmas by reading their favourite Christmas Stories. What are some of your Favourite Christmas Stories?

Happy Reading ~ Mommy Dearest


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