12 Days of Christmas Day 4: Santa Claus Parades

Welcome to the 4th Day of The 12 Days of Christmas, today we will be talking about Santa Claus Parades.

One of my fondest childhood memories as a child was watching the Santa Claus Parade on TV, my mother would start decorating the house for Christmas that day. My sister and I would sit in front of the TV (Probably way too close) and watch as the bands and floats went by. I still get all warm and fuzzy at the thought of Santa Claus Parades today. I love to watch my children's eyes light up. 

Where we live the Santa Claus Parades start Mid November and run right through to the first week of December. We usually try to attend 2 parades, a day time Parade and a Night Time Parade. (This year we only made it to one due to conflicting schedules). 

We live in a very small town. One of the nice things about small town living, is our Santa Claus Parade. It runs directly in front of our House. We are able to sit on our front yard and watch the parade go by. It's great as we get to watch with friends and neighbours. There are usually about ten to fifteen Floats and some bands, it never lasts longer than 30 minutes but the kids love it. Santa showed up on a flat bed Truck one year. A memorable float was the Port A Potty. (Everyone had a good laugh at that one). The Neighbourhood kids will run and play before and after the parade. The kids collect Candy Canes and before we know it, it's all said and done. (If we stay outside long enough we get to watch the parade in reverse).

The Night time Parades have always been my favourite. The Glow from the lights makes it even more magical. We head over to a Larger Town, not far down the road for this Parade. This Santa Claus Parade starts off with a Bang! Literally! They do fireworks to start off the parade. We only started going to this parade in 2015. (My Hubby had to work away from home for 21 day stretches at a time, I had only had our second born that Fall. I wanted to take the boys to do something fun and I figured I would give it a shot). My oldest loved the fireworks, despite the noise (Sensory issues) He loved the colours in the night sky. My little guy who wasn't even 2 months old slept through the entire thing. The parade is quite a long one there are Seventy Five Entrants (Floats, Bands, Groups etc). The kids gave their letter for Santa to the post man and enjoyed an evening of snuggles and sweet treats. We always make sure to dress warm, bring blankets and snacks. 

When we get home from that parade we are lucky enough to be able to Watch The Original Santa Claus Parade (The Toronto Santa Claus Parade) on TV. The same parade I have fond memories of watching. 

There's something about the way a Child's face lights up when they hear the Christmas Music and See that Santa is coming through their town, and Waved to them like they were the best of Friends. 

Do you and your Family go to any Santa Claus Parades? Big or Small I'd love to hear about them. 

Santa Claus is Coming to Town
~Mommy Dearest


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