12 Days of Christmas Day 5: Christmas Shopping

Welcome to the 5th Day of the 12 Days of Christmas: Today we are talking about Christmas Shopping. 

Many people love the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I sure did pre-kids. I remember Christmas Shopping with my best friend in high school, we probably should have been doing homework, but we had a great night picking out presents and we even sat on Santa's knee for a photo. I pull that photo out Every Christmas and love the memories it brings back, We would spend hours upon hours shopping. Now the very thought of entering a shopping center or a Walmart at this time of year makes me cringe. People fighting over Fingerlings and Hatchimals like they are Holy Grail (Shudder).

Truth be told I actually start my Christmas Shopping as Early as July. That's right you read it correctly July. It's a little nicer on the pocket book to spread it out like that. I also get to avoid the crazy people who line up and fight over the latest and greatest fad toy. My oldest was born 3 days after Christmas, and we don't combine the two it's not his fault that he was born after Christmas right before New Years, so starting early makes sense.  

In the past couple of years I have become an online shopper, since I started I haven't looked back. It's amazing I can go shopping in my underwear if I wanted and no one would be the wiser. Many times it gets delivered right to my door, or the local post office around the corner. No lines, no children pulling me in this direction or that. It's pure bliss.  

Not all my shopping can be done online, I do love a good Christmas Craft show. It's a great way to support local businesses and find some unique gifts along the way. My Oldest does enjoy going on our annual shopping trip. We pick a day and skip school and go do some shopping, we sometimes even squeeze in a visit with Santa while we are out. He is very thoughtful in his selection of the gifts and it's some quality time we get to spend together.

This year I wanted to be done my shopping for the kids early. My parents just moved recently and conveniently their new house is rather close to the border. So Remembrance Day Weekend (Veterans Day) we took a Road trip to Water-town NY. I was so excited for the mere fact that I was going to get to go shopping at Target. Sadly Target didn't last long in Canada. I love that store and any chance I get, I go! My Mom, Sister and Myself hopped in the Truck and  off we went. When we got to the border, the Canadian Border Officer asked what the purpose of our trip was and I squealed with Delight TARGET! He asked if anything was coming into the Country that wasn't leaving with me and I replied without a second thought "the gum in my mouth", he smirked and wished us well on our way. We shopped til we dropped. It was a successful trip to say the least, I completed the kids lists, got my hubby some great things and managed to grab some great stuff for the house too. 

My hubby usually takes an annual shopping trip with my sister to pick out some stuff for me. He is really lost without her help. There was an incident with a terrible sweater one year and they have been shopping together since. 

The hustle and bustle can still be great, especially when you are making memories with the one's you love most. 

What's your favourite/least favourite memory of Christmas Shopping


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