12 Days of Christmas Day 6: Wrapping Presents

Welcome to Day Six of the 12 Days of Christmas, Today we are talking about Wrapping Presents.

Some people hate wrapping, I particularly enjoy it. It's my own little Christmas Tradition, I lock myself in a room with all the supplies, a nice drink, turn up the Christmas Music and get wrapping. I get a couple hours uninterrupted (ok that's a lie because behind the door they are still calling my name asking what I'm doing) but mostly uninterrupted and I'm taken away to my own little magical Christmas world. 

I wrap everything, with the exception of items found in the stocking. I know that some people take all the toys out of the boxes or leave them in the box unwrapped and those are the gifts from "Santa". I however choose to wrap everything, though the thought of a few less presents to wrap (especially those awkward ones) seems like a great idea too. 

I usually use a different wrapping paper for the gifts from Santa. My son has seen all the rolls of wrapping paper I have purchased over the years. I tell him that I picked out the paper and I'm going to mail it to the North Pole for Santa's Elves to use. (really it just gets put into storage for the following year). I usually pick something fun with characters on it or something wild for the kids gifts. The adult gifts get a nicer looking paper. 

This year however, while browsing on Pinterest, I saw packages wrapped simply in brown packing paper tied with beautiful ribbon. I wanted to do that too. So that's what I did. All the Gifts from Santa have a specific ribbon and the rest are all different. It made me think of the The Sound of Music "Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String, These are a few of my FavouriteThings".

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String
The paper is so simple (but it wraps beautifully) and yet looks so nice. The items that did need to go in gift bags because they were that awkward, went in simple brown paper bags with some Christmas designs on them. Everything this year matches. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of brightly coloured packages under the tree, but this just called out to me when I saw it. 

I take charge of 90% of the wrapping, My son will help with his brothers present, and he helped pick out the ribbon this year. My hubby does not do Christmas Wrapping, at least very well (he usually leaves things in the shopping bags they came in). We will also salvage as much of the ribbon as possible come Christmas for Craft use over the holidays and rainy days.

There is something about having all the wrapping done and not having to worry about anything else. I'll be finishing up round two this week. (I'm actually looking forward to locking myself away and singing to my hearts content for a little while). 

To Wrap or Not to Wrap?  What's the Most Awkward Present you have had to wrap? (Mine was some Decoy Ducks)

~Mommy Dearest


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