12 Days of Christmas Day 7: Breakfast With Santa

Welcome to the Seventh Day of the 12 Days of Christmas, today we are talking about a fairly new Tradition for our family Breakfast with Santa.

Our small little town hosts an Annual Breakfast with Santa. This year marks our second year attending. (I don't know why we never went before, but I'm glad we started). It's held the 1st Saturday in December at our Town Hall. They set up all these long tables and serve Pancakes, Sausage, Juice, Coffee and Tea for a small fee. My Oldest has quite enjoyed it. For the past 2 years we have walked into town with his friends from school and had breakfast with them. 

You definitely get to know your neighbours this way, sitting in close quarters and all. There is so much excitement when you walk in the door. There is a tree all decorated, the tables have crayons and colouring pages and there are some of Santa's Elves wandering about. 

Last year my little guy was only just over a year old and learning how to walk, he was trying to crawl away and breakfast was a little crazy with me trying to keep 2 kids in the same vicinity. My oldest grew more and more excited as he saw more of his friends from school. 

Once I get the kids settled, there's usually so much excitement in the air they will sit and sometimes even eat it all. But the level of excitement explodes as the Fat Man in Red enters the room. Here comes Santa. Santa walks around from table to table greeting all the children with a "Ho Ho Ho", waving, giving high fives, and shaking hands. (Santa even rocked a fist bump last year). The kids eyes light up and the noise level increases as the excited chatter goes from table to table. 

Once you have finished your breakfast or at least made an attempt to finish as there are other important things like Santa! The kids all line up and wait their turn to sit on Santa's lap and tell him all about their wishes and how good they have been this year. 

A town local takes photos of the kids which you can later pick up at the local Pharmacy. The kids receive a small gift from one of Santa's Elves and a Candy Cane. The kids all proceed to run around and compare what they got with their friends and the laughter and smiles are contagious. 

It really brings a sense of community going to events like this. The Volunteers set everything up, cook a wonderful breakfast, and clean up afterwards. Young and Old alike enjoy the company of neighbours and friends, and get to have Breakfast with none other than Santa himself. 

What are some Holiday Community Events you take part in?

~ Mommy Dearest 


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