Impromptu Bathroom Reno: Part 2

So here we are it's September and we have hit record temperatures for Heat and Humidity. We are 2 weeks out from my Sons Second Birthday Party, and we literally have holes in our bathroom wall. Our lives were going to be a little bit more chaotic than usual. This unplanned project was going to test our patience.

As there were literally pieces of my bathroom wall scattered on the floor I knew I had to take everything out of the bathroom before we began anything else. You don't realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it somewhere. I couldn't believe that I had that much stuff in such a small space. This created the opportunity to later declutter and purge where necessary. We moved all the bathroom cabinets into our tiny Kitchen, I had laundry baskets and shopping bags filled with anything from toiletries to bathroom decor. I knew it was going to be rough living in an already small space that was made that much smaller by having everything shuffled around. 
Still Smiling

We got to work and ripped down all the rotted Drywall. It isn't any wonder that we kept getting sick over the winter, 60% of our bathroom walls were rotted out and moldy. To make matters worse, whoever owned the house before must have been aware of the mold and just tried to cover it up using more drywall. (we ended up gaining an extra 4 inches on each wall). We got it down to the lath and plaster and found old pipes that had been closed off but not removed properly therefore not allowing the drywall to sit flush. We also discovered the leak starting point. Remember that leak I spoke about in the previous post? Well the plumber fixed it by using one of my hair elastics and siliconing over the leaky spot. I actually couldn't believe my eyes. The faucet was also cracked and had a hack job to repair it. Once we got the room to the bare bones and hauled all the garbage out of the house we set off on an adventure to Home Depot to buy some supplies.
These Carts are Terrible to Steer

I hate Home Depot, it is one of my least favourite stores. Many of the staff are what I would call useless. We got one of those race car shopping carts that is almost impossible to steer. Of course my oldest wanted to ride in the cart too, so there I am pushing my 2 boys through a store I don't like. We spent what felt like hours in there and finally left with what we thought would be everything. (wrong, add 3 more trips that day).

Back we go to start working on the Bathroom. Now any renovation can be stressful, I'm not disputing that, but it was hotter than Hades, and the boys were cranky, and frankly I was too. Trying to get anything done with a Toddler became very difficult. We hit quite a few snags that first day. Plumbing be the worst of it. Thankfully my husband is very handy and was able to fix it the proper way. By the early Evening the walls were framed and ready for the sheet rock. There seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. We survived this first day and hadn't murdered each other. Sure we snapped a couple of times between the boys' fighting and the heat it was bound to happen. 

At least by the end of Day 1 the walls were back up. My oldest wanted to help and hubby let him help put up the drywall. It was nice to be able to share moments like that and create memories. Day 1 didn't seem that bad after all, Day 2 and onward would be a real test.

~ Mommy Dearest


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