Impromptu Bathroom Reno Part 3: The End is in sight

We were in the final stretch, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. We now had Drywall Up. So at least we had walls and I could no longer see into my kitchen from the Bathroom. We now needed to mud and tape. After that we could put up the tub surround, paint and finally get our bathroom back. I'm glad I documented the entire thing, it was fun to watch the process after the fact. (It wasn't so much fun during)

 The project that we thought we could complete within a week was now dragging out for what seemed like forever. I had all this stuff to get done before my sons party and now we have a giant mess in our apartment. It was so humid that week, the mud was not drying. We even brought in industrial Fans to help with the process, but it was taking forever. I'm very thankful for awesome neighbours, who let us shower at their house while we didn't have a working bathroom (other than a toilet). I had to bath my little guy in the kitchen sink. That was the first time I had ever done that and he was 2!

My poor hubby was exhausted, between the heat, going to work during the day and coming home to work on our bathroom, he was spent. It was taxing on all of us. My oldest wanted to have friends come over but it was a construction zone so he was bummed with my no friends until there is a place for them to play rule. 

So finally 2 days before the party my Hubby finished sanding. (Can we talk about drywall dust, Oh My it was everywhere. For weeks after the project was done objects were still covered in white dust). My poor hubby looked like Marv from Home Alone when he was done sanding. I decided that while the little one napped I would prime the walls and Ceiling. I used an oil based primer, something I had never done. The Brand I used was terrible it splattered everywhere!  I mean everywhere! I thought at first it was the roller, Nope I changed it three times. I was covered in white speckles. White speckles that were not scrubbing off. It wasn't only all over me but our dark tile floor too! So my next task was scrubbing Primer off the floor. What a mess. 

The day of the Party arrived and despite the chaos that was our house, it went off without a hitch. The sun was shining and it was hotter than Hades, but the kids had a blast. We somehow pulled it all off. When it was time to go home it was depressing coming from such a beautiful day spent with family and friends to a disaster of an apartment. As soon as everything from the party was put away we got to work. My hubby got the Tub surround up with the help of our Neighbour and I could get to work painting the walls. 

Our Bathroom is small so typically a room that size wouldn't take long to paint, however it took almost a full day for the first coat to dry. The humidity was my enemy. It took 3 days to finish painting the walls. I did manage in the meantime to work on updating the vanity. I gave the cupboards a fresh coat of paint, painted the counter top and painted the back splash. Once I sealed it all, it would take 7 days before I could put everything back to where it was. 

What we thought would only take a week took almost 4 before everything was complete. Our frustration with the project became evident when we were hanging the new towel racks up. We were hot and tired and just wanted everything back to where it belonged. We are very happy with the finished project. My hubby even made removable panels in case there are any plumbing issues in the future so they don't need to rip apart our walls. 

Even with all the snags we hit along the way we managed to work well together and complete our very first reno project. It's not even our house and we managed to survive. We now needed a new shower curtain rod as we gained a couple of inches on each side that the old one didn't fit. So the first night we thought we could shower at home, we couldn't. We thankfully laughed it all off. (Hubby even trusted me with power tools)

~ Mommy Dearest



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