Mommy VS. Toddler: Housework

Like every other Parent on the planet on top of keeping our children alive, we need to keep our households running. This includes everything from cooking, cleaning, doctors appointments and the list goes on... 

I'm nothing like my mother when it comes to housework. I remember as a kid getting ready to go to the zoo for example, and my Mother was frantically cleaning the house. I always thought to myself "who is going to see the house while we're gone?" It's not like a robber is going to break in and say "Wow what a clean place". I'm a little more laid back than that. I don't live in filth, but I don't feel the need to pick up something immediately as it is out of place. I have 2 kids, they are going to pull out toys and get crumbs on the floor. It's bound to happen, no use in getting uptight over it. I'll clean it up later (preferably when they are in bed).

Why wait you ask? Well doing any kind of housework with a toddler can seem like an impossible task. I tried earlier this week to get some housework done. My little guy grabbed his toy vacuum cleaner and ran along side me as I vacuumed up the mess from breakfast. While I went to move on to another task he decided that he was going to throw his entire snack around the living room and then proceed to take every toy off the shelf and toss them around like confetti. He then decided to run and slide into them like he was sliding to home plate, it was a big game. I could do nothing but laugh to myself. So my kitchen was clean but my living room looked like a bomb went off in it. 

I went to tidy the bathroom and spray down the shower, I realized that I left my cleaner on the counter, I turned my back for one minute and my little guy had grabbed the shower head and it looked like water park meets someone swatting away bees as I tried to navigate my way to the tap shut off. There were some giggles and then he turned to me and said "oh no, wet". Gee thanks kid, I hadn't noticed the water all over the floor and myself.

Housework with a toddler is like 1 step forward and 5 steps back. This guy is a little ninja, it's a good thing he's cute. As I continued on trying to clean, he decided to lay in the middle of the mess and take a nap. It's a hard life being 2. Do I take a chance and try to pick up around him or do I just wait until later? Never wake a sleeping baby, so I guess it will wait.

My advise don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the moment, the housework isn't going anywhere, but one day you're kids will be all grown up and you will miss those silly little moments. Except for maybe the dried boogers you might find, you're probably not going to miss those.

~Mommy Dearest


  1. I have a newborn ... one month old and lord have mercy I cant manage to do anything else. So I can totally relate. I wish I have more arms and hands to multi task.

  2. My kids grew fast and now I have a tween and teen. Enjoy those young years and don't sweat the small stuff.


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