Tripping Over Toys!

Have you ever tripped over toy or stepped on a Lego? It's like extreme conditioning training and a part of parenthood. I would rather walk on hot coals than step on a tiny piece of Lego. It is a pain like no other. Often I find myself dodging toys, snack containers, and sippy cups. That is the life of a parent. Even after I have cleaned like no other and the place is sparkling within a couple of minutes my toddler has destroyed the room. Toys about and him happily playing with the final toy he found after dumping the entire toy box out. 

So here am I last night I finished my school work and tackled the dishes that were staring at me from the sink. The same ones that I said earlier could wait til later. Later is now and I might as well get them done while I am still standing here in the kitchen. I'm exhausted and I’m calling it a night. I have one more mission and that is to move my littlest from the living room where he has fallen asleep, to bed.

He’s a light sleeper so I must skillfully move him. I sigh as I see the state of the room. It looks like a bomb went off, sippy cups, baby wipes and toys amok. It's like the 'tough mudder' for mom's. An obstacle course designed to test my every ability. I'm exhausted and spent I can barely hold my eyes open, I didn't train for this. But I've done it a hundred times before. "You got This" I pep talk myself.

I scan the room and then enter ever so slowly. I reach my target and carefully lift him. I feel his tiny body, dead weight in my arms. Success! I cheer on the inside. (I'm doing a celebratory dance in my head). I can see the faint light from my room as I swiftly make my way across the floor towards the door. I've deftly dodged the wipes container and the sippy cup to the left of me, avoided stepping on the slew of dinky cars strewn about and I’m almost there when it happens. I trip over the bloody Sea Patroller from Paw Patrol. I’ve somehow avoided every other object but manage to trip on the one toy that’s makes noise.

The sound of a flock of seagulls fills the room and echoes through the apartment. The little man in my arms starts to stir. The oldest one starts talking in his sleep. I'm cursing on the inside. (Every terrible word I know is shouting inside my head). I was so close. So close to being able to go to sleep. I quickly dash to the bed and set him down ever so carefully. He sighs and lays there nearly motionless other than the soft movement of his chest moving up and down as he breathes. Relief floods over me and I'm about to do a celebratory dance and go to bed.

He feinted me, I thought he was still asleep and managed to stay sleeping through all the commotion. A minute passes after I’ve put his head down on the pillow and he opens his eyes and stares blankly at me, blinks a few times and then says “Mommy Popatrol”…. 

So much for sleep. He's now wide awake and I want nothing more than to crawl into bed and drift off to sleep. I'm cursing that toy now, I'm angry at myself for not picking up the toys before I decided to go to bed. I have a tiny human staring at me wide awake. 

So we cuddle up and watch an episode of Paw Patrol before he finally drifts back to sleep and now overly exhausted I get ready to join him and I lay there wide awake. Staring into the dark. Making lists in my head all while envisioning how many ways I can destroy that stupid toy. 

~Mommy Dearest


  1. Stepping on a Lego feels like the world is ending! It's horrible! Kids are little tornadoes it seems! Believe me, there are days where toys come close to being thrown out!

  2. I am so glad kids are older now so the toy mine field is not my problem anymore. I still have dimy shes and clean up after them but they help a lot more now.

  3. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. For some reason my kids think they need to get every one of their toys out when they want to play and then they never want to put them away. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

  4. Stepping on a lego is really painful. I try to make cleaning fun when I am babysitting my nephews.

  5. OMG I'm trying so hard to not get rid of all my kids' toys. I'm constantly doing this. Both my boys have birthdays after christmas and our house is crazy.

    1. I plan on purging some of the toys but I have to wait until the next school day to do so. Never try to purge toys with the kids present lol... I also need to organize it. It's been a mine field since Christmas.

  6. ouch! stepping on leggo is so so painful. Don't have kids around in the home, but I can definitely feel this.

  7. It's stories like this that make me grateful I have a teenager. that said i do miss having a toddler in the house to cuddle with and to teach.

  8. We’ve just started a routine where the kids have to clean up their bedroom before they have “room time” before bed now. I’m so glad they’re at the age where they can today up after themselves. I hate picking up toys. My 6yo is Lego obsessed & is continuously leaving it all over. I told him if I find any random bits when I’m
    Hoovering then I’ll just suck it up — he’s getting better at picking it up! Haha

  9. This post is something every parent can relate to. Kids like to take all the toys out and find that one to play with

  10. toys are the worse things to step on especially when you are in a hurry! I think we all go through this!

  11. HAHA! Ugh the worst!! My new thing that I find that I am stepping on all the time are my daughters shopkins. They are everywhere!!

  12. You should give yourself more credit. Lego are the worst thing to step on but we've all been there. My daughter is at the age where she picks up all of her toys and makes her own bed but it didn't happen over night.

  13. Ooooh those stinkin’ toys! I hate when they fake me out. Why let me carry the dead weight the whole time?

  14. I can so relate to this post. I am always stepping on toys. I know one day I will miss it. But right now its a bit annoying lol

  15. I step on blocks and legos at least twice a day! It really is a pain like no other lol I am always dodging toys that make sounds while I put my boys down to sleep, but quite a few times I've pressed a button while cleaning up and have woke my kids up. I definitely curse myself when that happens lol.


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