Only a Mother's Love Can Explain it

I had great intentions for this week's post, sadly life got in the way and something happened this past week that inspired this post so I just ran with it and here it is. 

Somewhere along the line when we become mother's we end up doing things we never thought we would do. Things prior to having children we would have rolled our eyes at. For example we sniff our child's butt. I can be seen grabbing my kid and taking a big old whiff to see if there is going to be a nasty surprise in that diaper. We wipe our kid's tears away and when there is a runny nose and no tissue around mom's hand or sleeve becomes the perfect one. I have wiped up tears, snot and puke with my bare hands and sleeve.

We go around sleep deprived as we cuddle our baby's when they can't sleep.

We wash laundry at god awful hours of the night because someone was sick or had an accident in bed. (Or throw a towel over it and get everyone back to sleep and deal with it in the morning - I have done this when I was working and had to be up in a few hours but needed a little more sleep)

We applaud them at this silliest of milestone's  i.e. pooping after being constipated.

We cheer them on in sports that they may be the worst player   most uncoordinated at. 

We Build them up, when others try to tear them down.

We take a photo when they get stuck in something (We help them as soon as we have that perfect shot) if there isn't a photo did it really happen.

We clap and praise when they twirl in what looks like a terrible interpretive dance, and cheer and say "Bravo" when they sing a song out of tune without knowing the words. 

We rock spit up stains on our shirts (because who wants to change their outfit for the hundredth time after baby has spit up) food splatter and I have definitely done the sniff test to a shirt before I left the house to make sure I don't smell like something rotting.

We make funny faces, silly noises and funny animal noises and voices when reading stories.

We dance around like lunatics. (Even if it's to a commercial) or make a fool of ourselves at parent's night at break dancing.

We play games that don't even make sense, and still sit and play even if we just had a toy car thrown at our head. 

We kiss boo boos and put on band-aids (even if there isn't a true ailment). We smell our child's hair and breathe it in deep, even when it stinks.

We cuddle them when they are scared, sing to them the songs we love and the ones they love over and over again.

We eat foods we don't like because we want them to try new things too, and eat the food they are willing to share even if it's drool covered and half chewed. 

We endure hours of shows that drive us a parents crazy, and sometimes even live versions of these.

We proudly hang questionable artwork on our fridge

We cram our hands into those small spaces to get to that one toy that the kid lost and is crying for, but forgets about it 10 minutes after you rescued it.

We Fish toys and clothes and anything else that doesn't belong in the toilet with our bare hands. 

And the list goes on... 

We love, feed, and care for our children in a way that is unique to each family.

We often do these things with a smile on our face and love in our hearts. Only a Mother's Love explains these strange habits in which we become accustomed to. 

We have all seen the posts rolling around of babies with diapers that exploded up the back and out the sides, kids who are covered in messes of food or anything they can get their hands on. We've seen children playing in their own pile of spit up or puke (This happened 2 weeks ago). You may have also seen those posts about kids who will get their diaper off and smear sh*t all over the walls. 

We smile a little because it may or may not have happened to us, and try to be sympathetic for those poor parents, and it wasn't until recently that I experienced it myself and truly felt what those parents were feeling. 

This brings me to a couple of days ago... The weather has been changing and my head was all funny and I could feel a migraine coming on. I changed the little guy and put a movie on for him and I was going to lay down in the dark to try and get this migraine under control before it got too bad. I was laying there and could hear him laughing at his movie and playing with his toys. I was slightly drifting in and out but not fully asleep. Sometime after I could hear him saying "Mommy, wipe please, Eww dirty stinky" - Oh No! Not Puke Again!?! (This is what he said when I found him playing in his own pile of puke)

Well it wasn't puke... It was my worst nightmare come true. It was one of those memes on Facebook staring right at me. He had a massive poop that exploded and for whatever reason he stuck his hand down his pants and had poop all over his hands, his clothes and the baby gate. 

For the Love of God NO! I wanted to hurl, I wanted to cry. I pulled myself together and quickly wiped his hands so he wouldn't touch anything else. I stripped him of his clothes and changed that awful diaper and then washed him down. I now had to wash myself as I had poop on my hands and my clothes. I washed the baby gate and I'm pretty sure used half a bottle of disinfectant. I sanitized his hands as I was so disgusted. I then had to do it... I had to sniff around to make sure there wasn't poop anywhere else. It seemed like I was in the clear. I checked every surface wiped everything down and felt satisfied. That is until I stepped in it. Poop! On my Floor. SH*T! Literally. 

My sister was staying with us and was sleeping, when she got up she said she had a strange dream that the little guy was covered in poop. I turned to her and said "Nope that wasn't a dream that really happened!"

I'm still traumatized from that experience, however I will still love em and use my sleeve as a tissue as long as I can. One day this house will be clean, empty of kids, and hopefully without poop in places in shouldn't be. Until then I'll embrace the the good and maybe the bad, but definitely not the sh*t

What's the worst mess you have ever come across?

~ Mommy Dearest


  1. I don't know what this world would do without mothers. They give up so much of their own lives to make ours better.

    1. Truly made me appreciate my mother more than I ever had, that's for sure.

  2. I say all the time that it's amazing the things I do as a parent that I don't think twice about that I would never have done 5 years ago before having kids! I had a nasty mess to clean up the other day as well. The underwear in question just went in the garbage, I couldn't handle it, and my son went straight into the shower!

    1. I have definitely thrown out clothing items that were beyond covered in poop or grossness lol The shower gets used quite a bit here. It definitely is the easiest for cleaning nasty messes lol

  3. We don't even realize that we are giving our lives for them and we just do and it fills our heart with love. I knew the meaning of true happiness when I held my daughter for the first time 21 years ago and since I am loving the experience and would not change a thing. My two girls are my life.

    1. Oh absolutely. My life certainly changed for the better when my first was born and changed even more so with the second I didn't think my heart could love that much.

  4. Oh man...probably just throw up messes from my little ones. Nothing too too bad. Once when I was pregnant, I was so nauseous and I had eaten McDs, lol, and threw up all in our car and yea, it was sweet husband went and cleaned it all up. lol. So I'd be the mess maker. haha

    1. Oh no! Sorry that you are the mess maker. I remember being prego and throwing up in my car too. Luckily your hubby cleaned it for you.

  5. precious! I get it some times life gets in the way and we end up not doing half of the things we were hoping too! But yay for moms! Big hugs to you all!

  6. Oh motherhood, you are a fickle beast. You got it right when you said we do things we never thought we’d EVER do! Mine was a poop story as well, but involved him removing his diaper and smearing it all over the crib. Yuck!! So I feel ok sister! But those days come to an end- and the good will come shining thru. You are a rock star ☺️

  7. This is such a beautiful post i've read in a while. The world is nothing without mothers. Mothers are the God's best creation! We give up on everything whether it's our personal life, our career or even our own family, for our kids. As someone rightly said, God can't be everywhere, that's why they made mothers.

  8. Over the last five years I have watched three of my friends become mothers and it's interesting to watch them grow as people and do the things they use to wrinkle their noses at. Motherhood is a tough job and deserves more credit.

  9. Excellent viewpoint. I love where you are coming from with this. Thanks for the encouraging words!!

  10. Raising small humans is no small feat. But it sounds like you have the right attitude for it.

  11. I can very well relate to this post being a mommy of two. Thanks for the encouraging words

  12. Without my mother, I'd be so lost; even at 22! Mothers are incredible and one of the best kinds of superheroes out there.


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