Surviving Allergy Season

Spring has finally sprung. The trees are budding and flowers are beginning to bloom. Many people have already started their gardens or have at least planned them. The Sun has made it's way from behind the clouds and the days are growing longer.

I know that we are certainly enjoying the fresh air and soaking up the Vitamin D. With this time of year comes happiness and a fresh start. But what also comes with it is Allergy Season. The pollen and allergens flying around can wreak havoc on my sinuses and Eyes. Spring also brings out the bugs. I also happen to be allergic to just about every bug bite known to man. Common ones like mosquitoes and black flies cause crazy reactions and I end up in the ER at least once during allergy season.

Not everyone has allergies, but I do and some years that season starts in May and doesn't end until October.

I definitely have a slew of Items in my arsenal to help combat these allergies. Below you can find how I deal with Allergy Season. 

Prevention is  Key

Cleaning: When Spring rolls around we all start on the spring cleaning, usually purging items that are no longer needed. This is also the perfect time to do a major deep Clean.

  • Windows, Sills and Screens: Over winter condensation on windows can lead to mold. Give window ledges, sills and surrounding area a good cleaning. Wash Screens if possible too. Loads of pollutants and allergens can hang in spots like this. 
  • Cleaning Products: Many Cleaners today contain chemicals, many of these can be irritants and wreak havoc on the respiratory system. Try to use a natural based cleaner if possible. ** If using chemical based products like Bleach remember to wear gloves and use in a well ventilated area.**
  • Dusting: Say No to dry dusting. You will just end up swirling around those particles and making it worse for yourself. Use a damp cloth when dusting to lock loose dust and particles away. 
  • Vacuum: Vacuuming on a regular basis will help keep allergens like pet hair, dander and dust at bay. I have 2 young children so sometimes I vacuum daily. Remember to also vacuum off furniture. 

Air Purification: Sure you can spend hundreds of dollars on an air purification system but sometimes that just doesn't work for everyone. There are many ways to naturally purify the air. Though it may seem silly air circulation is also important. Most of us want to shut our windows tight to keep allergens at bay, but proper air circulation helps keep the air clean. 

  • Plants:  Did you know there are a bunch of plants that help clean the air? Plants such as Bamboo Palm, Peace Lillie's, Dracaena (though this one is toxic to pets who may consume it) Aloe Vera, Mum (Chrysanthemum), and Spider Plants.
  • Activated Charcoal: Many Air purification systems use activated charcoal to help filter the air. Activated Charcoal is inexpensive and helps remove toxins and odours from the air. Activated Bamboo Charcoal is one of my favourites. 
  • Salt Lamps: Himalayan Natural Crystal helps to clean the air by releasing Negative Ions into the air. 
  • Beeswax Candles: These differ from regular paraffin candles in that they burn more slowly and don't release toxins in the air. Much like the Salt Lamps, they too release negative ions.
  • Essential Oils: Essential Oils such as Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Lemon to name a few can help during allergy season. Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender are cleaning oils so diffusing these in the home will help clean the air.

Medication: You can get most Allergy Medication Over the Counter. Antihistamines help with symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose and throat, itchy watery eyes, stuffiness, allergic skin itch and hives. There are several different types of antihistamines available. *** You should always talk to your Doctor of Pharmacist before taking OTC Antihistamines *** 

  • Diphenhydramine HCI: This comes in both Liquid and Pill form and is commonly known by the Brand Name Benadryl. This is commonly given after a reaction to something such as a bug bite or food allergy. This one can cause drowsiness. This is taken every 4 to 6 hours. 
  • Cetirizine HCI: This comes in both Children's and Adult Strength. This is a once daily medication as it is long lasting.  This is commonly known as Reactin and is Non Drowsy. This is my go to for allergy medication.  
  • Loratadine: Commonly known as Claratin, this too is also a take one a day, long lasting and non-drowsy medication. 
Nasal Sprays: There are medicated and non medical Nasal Sprays that can often help with symptoms of allergies. 
  • Fluticasone Propionate: Nasal Spray commonly known as Flonase. For a long time Nasal Spray was only available through prescription. Now some are available OTC.  Nasal Spray's are long acting. They work by reducing swelling in the nasal passage and controls allergic substances. These are for adults. 
  • Nasal Irrigation: This is a sinus rinse. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Neti Pot. This is pretty straight forward, you are flushing out your sinuses and nasal passage of mucus and debris. This is done using Salt Water, Not regular water. It isn't the most pleasant experience, and isn't for everyone, but it works wonders. 
  • Saline Nasal Mist: This one doesn't prevent symptoms but after blowing your nose all the time it can become dry and sore. A couple of sprays of this can relieve that dryness.

Eyes: My eyes become dry, itchy, watery messes that burn from my seasonal allergies. Pollutants in the air causes havoc. Eye drops, along with cooling eye masks can be a life saver. I also try to avoid any eye makeup when my allergies are at their worst. 

  • Allergy Drops - These are specially formulated to help relieve itch and redness. They can be found OTC as well as Prescription.   
  • Moisturizing Drops - Eyes can become dry, these drops help moisturize your eyes getting rid of that dry feeling.
  • Antibiotic Drop - Did you know you can get allergy induced Pink Eye? It's terribly uncomfortable for the eyes. Thanks to OTC drops like Polysporin Pink Eye drops, no need to rush to the doctor or have people stare at your blood shot eyes. 
  • Cooling Eye Mask - Often my eyes suffer the worst. They are itchy, dry, puffy, irritated and swollen. To help I use my Cooling Eye Mask to help reduce swelling and discomfort. You can also use a cold damp wash cloth but I found they fall off my face and drip water everywhere. A mask with a cooling gel insert not only stays in place but helps reduce the puffiness and swelling. 
Skin: My Skin also becomes itchy during allergy season. If I can avoid sitting directly on the grass I will. Bring a towel or blanket outside.  I always make sure I wash my hands after being in contact with an allergen as it can make things worse. Shower or bath using mild soaps and cleansers. The less you do to irritate your skin the better. Pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing. Did you know that you scratch it releases histamines? This is what causes more skin irritation and itch. I haven't quite found what works for my skin yet. When I do I'll be sure to update. 

Though these things don't stop my allergies completely, they certainly help during allergy season. I also always have Kleenex on hand. Be sure to stock up, it's not just the winter time that tissues are needed. Some days my allergies are worse than others. However, with these things in my arsenal I at least stand a chance surviving Allergy Season and enjoying the Sunny Weather. 

How do you deal with Seasonal Allergies? 

~Mommy Dearest


  1. Ah yes. Spring = allergies for me too! I'm allergic to meds as well so I love reading about natural remedies. I haven't tried activated charcoal yet!

  2. My youngest suffers from allergies. He's on Cetirizine and Fluticasone and it's been helping a lot. I'll have to try a few of the other ideas you've listed to see if it helps him. He was having such problems sleeping and the pediatrician finally got him some allergy meds.

  3. My kids have allergies so we are currently trying flonase and claritin. It seems to be doing the trick.

  4. Allergy season is the worst. Arizona is bad because of all the dust in the air!

  5. I become sick these days due to the changing weather. I hate this happening so much. Now I find some ways to reduce the effect of the weather thanks to your post. Thank you!

  6. I'm totally going to have to get a cooling eye mask because my eyes are the worst too and it's so painful. Also I find it hard to believe people dry dust!

  7. This is some great information to know. My son suffers from allergies as well. I have him read this blog post.

  8. I had no idea allergy season was this long - from May until October! Recently I've tried getting air purifying plants for the house. - Tonya Michelle

  9. Girl I am right there with you! The spring is the absolute worst for my allergies! Hang in there!


  10. We definitely suffer from seasonal allergies here. Having an air purifier is so important. It helps so much.

  11. I have felt like I've had a crazy cold for the past two weeks but it's actually just allergies. We've been outside quite a bit and on the windy days I feel awful! This post is definitely going to help.

  12. I luckily don't have many allergy issues!! However, my hubs definitely does!! He uses flonase like crazy hahaha.


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