Weekend Adventures: Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing

Welcome to Weekend Adventures a new Blog Mini Series. I will documenting and sharing our weekend adventures as we explore Ontario this Spring and Summer.

We just had our first Long weekend of the Season. Victoria Day Weekend and we had a wonderful time away at my parents place. They live in the North Augusta Area and there is so much to see and do around the area.

This time we ventured to Downtown Historic Brockville and Spent some time at the Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing. 

Where - The Aquatarium is located at 6 Broad Street in Brockville right on the shores of the St. Lawrence River.

Parking - There is on site indoor parking along with tons of outdoor Green P parking available. We opted to park outside and really take in the sights and sounds of the area.

What is the Aquatarium - Simply put the Aquatarium is a not-for-profit charity that educates and inspires you to explore the 1000 Islands Region. Learn about the ships, fish and many animals native to the St. Lawrence River. The over 27000 sq ft climate controlled Aquatarium is on the shore of the St. Lawrence River. With Interactive activities it's a great experience for Kids and Adults alike. The Centre runs on Volunteers. Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable.

I wanted to share some of our favourite parts, I hope you enjoy reading what fun we had and maybe even plan a trip there yourself.

Before entering the beautiful building you can take a look at the Boats Sailing by on the St. Lawrence River. To start your Journey off you Enter the Rotary Bathysphere  (an elevator ride in what looks like a submarine)  you are given a very slow ride with all the sounds and sights of being a real underwater explorer.

Creation and Touch Tank - When you first arrive to the Upper Floor you are greeted with all the sights and sounds.  We started at the Creation Exhibit where we were able to dig for large fossils and learn about the past at the Mini Archaeological site. One of the cool parts was the touch Tank. We learned about Sea Stars, Snails and more. We even got to hold a Sea Star and Touch a Moon Snail.

Archaeological Dig

Start Your Adventure
Oldest Giving it a Try
I held a Sea Star
Touching a Moon Snail

Boathouse Aquarium - Here we got to watch the fish swim around in a tank that is at the perfect height for kids. My boys were pretty mesmerised by the fish and probably could have sat for quite a while watching the fish swim around.

Power of Water - This was by far the kids favourite place. A giant water table that shows how the St. Lawrence River works and has shaped the world around us. They even have smocks for the kids to keep them dry. (though the little guy decided to dump water on his head and was soaked everywhere else. They got to race their boats and rubber ducks and learn how a lift lock works. They learned about Hydroelectricity. You can race your friends by seeing who can create the most electricity at the Hydro Dam. There is also the ROV Control Station where you can control their underwater robot. We definitely spent the most time here.

Learning about Lift-locks

Learning about Hydro-electricity 
ROV Control Station
Power of Water

Power of Water
Herpetology - We learned about invasive species such as the America Eel and other reptiles and Amphibians.

Learning about Amphibians 

Aquaria - The kids enjoyed crawling through the tunnels and getting a "Fish Eye's View" of the Fish. We learned about Sturgeon, Bass, and other aquatic life. You can also walk through the fish tunnel and watch the fish swim above you.

Looking in at Us

Fish Eye View
Interactive Wall Map - We were able to learn about all the great things to see and do in the 1000 Islands. Gave us some great ideas for our Summer Bucket List.

Adding to our Summer Bucket List
Green Screen - The kids had fun with this. They were able to be a special correspondent for the News and Take a Picture with a Large Sturgeon.

Special Correspondents 

Family Shot

Skiff House - Here we learned about Rowing and you were even able to try out the Rowing Simulator. We learned about the Regatta Team from 1919 as well as the Canadian Olympic Rowing Team.

Singer Castle Library - Here is a place to learn and discover. The Walls really have eyes as the kids found secret passageways and looked through Paintings. There were stories, activities, puzzles and more. A great place to relax.

Secret Passageways and Lookouts 
Finding where the Secret Passage Way Leads

Enjoying some of the Many Games and Puzzles
Even my Mom and Dad Got in on the Puzzle Fun

HMS Ontario - Go back in time to ships, battles and more as you climb through a replica ship.

There are so many other great activities to see and do. These were just some of our favourites. If you find yourself in the area I highly suggest checking out the Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing

Until the Next Weekend Adventure,

~ Mommy Dearest


  1. That looks like so much fun! My son would love to visit.

  2. Wow, that place looks like so much fun! My boys would love the touch tank and the water table.

  3. I like the boat area. I think it is fun that aquariums and museums all have a different feel and different features.

  4. I love touch tanks! Actually anything that is interactive makes the experience so much better. I can't wait to one day explore this side on Ontario!

  5. It looks like the children had an amazing time being able to get up close with the animals to learn about them and to get good selfies on the statue!

  6. A great place for weekends. Here, we can experience and learn about the ocean world. I'm not a child but I really like this place!

  7. All these experiences look like so much fun, and educational too :) I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for sharing.

  8. It looks fun adventure for kids and I like the animals in this post. I hope you enjoyed it.

  9. It looks pretty amazing there. I love the fact that they have so much that is hands on. So cool.


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