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Surviving Summer Vacation

For some of you Summer Vacation has been going on for weeks, for some almost a Month. For us it has only just begun. We are in our third week of Summer Vacation. Fresh out of the First official Long Weekend of Summer.
Though we haven't been in it long, this isn't my first summer vacay so I have a few years in my belt. I now have 2 children (boys from school age to toddler).
Here are some of my tips for surviving Summer Vacation.

Ditch the Tech - I have been warning my son for weeks that if he thinks he is going to spend his entire summer vacation staring at a screen he has another thing coming. Screen time is limited throughout the school year and is still limited on vacation and holidays. He has to earn his screen time just the same as he does the rest of the year. This also goes for adults too! I know life isn't fair, but it's hard to set an example when many of us are glued to our phones and devices. I am fortunate enough to be a Stay at Home Mom and I want to make t…