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I'm NOT Having Anymore Kids: Stop Asking!

For the love of God Please Stop asking me when we are going to try for a little Girl, or when we are going to have more kids. You all sound like broken records, and this Mama is at her wits end. Frankly, it's none of your damn business, but enough I'm Done!

 When I got pregnant with my Second Born, I said from the beginning "this was the last one". If any of you have read my previous blog post you would know that I didn't want kids to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys' and I would do anything for them, I wouldn't change a thing. But When I said I was done I meant it. My husband is always joking around about baby number 3 and I always respond with "well it won't be with me".  

I recently had a very serious conversation with my husband on the topic. Financially, I am sure we would find a way to make it work. So looking at a stand point of finances, that wasn't the issue.

 I don't think my body could physically handle anot…

The Day that Changed Everything

If you knew me in High school I was a "Mean Girl", I still can be from time to time. While others were planning their futures which included husband's and families I was firm in the fact that I was never going to get married let alone have kids. Fast forward to today and I've been married for 8 years and have 2 wonderful boys.
Let's go back 12 years ago to when I first started dating my husband. Our first date if you could call it that, was at a sleazy bar. It was St. Paddy's day and I had convinced him to join me for a drink. From that drunken evening we didn't look back. We were engaged a few weeks later and the idea of never being married went out the window. We had a long engagement, almost 4 years. We weren't in any rush to tie the knot, but we just knew we were meant to be together.
Now let's move to 3 weeks before our wedding. I had just started a new job a few months prior and was stressed to the max with wedding details. (If there is any r…

A Royal Wedding: And you're invited! (Well not really)

Prepare yourselves, it was Announced today that there will be a Royal Wedding in the Future and you're all invited! Well maybe not to the wedding, but to the over abundance of posts on news feeds and blogs about the over run the inter webs.
When I got up this morning and casually scrolled through my news feed on Facebook there was an overabundant amount of posts in regards to the Royal Engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markel. My heart sank a tad as there went my chances of becoming royalty (OK it was a pipe dream, there wasn't a chance in hell) but I was reminded of all the excitement that led up to the last Royal Wedding.
I must admit I'm a sucker for weddings. The last Royal Wedding you bet your ass I was up at the crack of early to watch the entire thing. (I had just recently been laid off work so really I had nothing else to do). My Oldest was just over 15 months old. I took a photo of him in his highchair eating fruit loops while watching the procession. I remembe…

The Elf Returns

It's that time of year again... The prodigal Elf Returns. (More like pain in the ass.) None the less if you are one of the many like me, who adopted the whole Elf on the Shelf tradition at Christmas, it's almost time for their return. Some may even have their elf already out. I must admit I made the mistake of bringing that elf out too soon in years past. So now I make it a point that the Elf on the Shelf doesn't make an appearance until December 1st. 

I loved the idea of keeping Christmas Magic alive. At the time we adopted our first Elf my son had just started school and some of the older kids who didn't believe were cruel and told a pile of kindergarten kids that Santa wasn't real. (Insert tears of hysteria here) I felt bad for not only my Son but those older kids too. We had a rule in my house growing up (probably put in place because I was the oldest of 3, and there was a significant age gap between myself and the youngest) that "if you didn't believe,…

Carseats: The Bane of my Existence

If you have children you can relate to this post. If you don't have kids you can laugh at my expense and consider this my warning of 'things they don't tell parents to be'.
As I prepare for Black Friday tomorrow (No I'm not getting up at the Crack of early to race to get deals on items I don't need) I have some errands to run and the boy's are going for a Christmas Mini Session since it's a PA Day. I know that it is going to be insanely busy everywhere we go tomorrow so if I can get a jump on things great. Running errands with 2 kids is not my idea of fun, and as for the photo shoot, well I anticipate a shit show. So to be ready for tomorrow I had to move my youngest son's car seat back into my truck. It's freezing cold out and it's already a pain in the ass to install as it is, so it was exactly as I anticipated... Hell
When babies are born, in most places, cannot leave the hospital unless they are strapped into one of the portable bucket sea…

My Cat is a Sparkly Jerk

So we have this Cat. His name is Dexter. We got to keep the mice away at our house. He's a fat well loved cat. He's been great with both our kids.He claws the crap outta me, but is great with kids and just about everyone else. He kills the mice that do manage to enter our home, so he's a great mouser. He hates me but the feeling is mutual.
Today has been a Monday from Hell. From the get go this morning it was awful! I was hoping that with time the day would get better, it hadn't but one can hope. While we were prepping dinner I heard a thunk and turned around to find my cat had made himself a bed in the box I was using to glitter my Christmas Ornaments. I use the box to try and contain the glitter, otherwise it looks like Tinkerbell exploded all over my floor.
I digress, back to the thunk. To my horror he was laying on Modge Podge and glitter covered ornaments. My black cat was no longer black. He looked like he belonged in Club 54. So poor Dexter had to have a shower to…

Mommy vs Toddler: Tree Decorating

I have always loved the Christmas Holiday Season (except for the snow, I hate snow). I've always loved decorating for the holidays, listening to Christmas Music, and watching some of our family favourite Christmas Movies. Typically November 1st I start lugging out the Christmas bins and begin decorating. My tree is usually the first thing to go up. My husband loathes when he comes home to find all the Christmas bins scattered about our apartment. He usually mutters something to the effect of "bah hum bug" and tells me I'm crazy.
This year you could say I'm slacking. I didn't pull the Christmas bins out until mid November. Last year we had to have a baby gate around our tree as my youngest who was 1, loved the pretty ornaments and would rip them off and toss them around. The bottom of my tree was bare, I had to keep everything out of reach. I figured this year I would give decorating the entire tree another shot. I'll have to be vigilant, and make sure he …

Sleep with one Eye Open: Napping with a Toddler

I'm a mother of 2 boys. An almost 8 year  old and a 2 year old. You would think by now I would have some idea of what I'm doing. Wrong! You would think that I would remember why one doesn't just fall asleep with a toddler in the house. (I should clarify that means don't fall asleep with a toddler who isn't asleep, let alone if you think you might fall asleep first check your surroundings to ensure there isn't anything your child can get into.) Now I would never intentionally leave anything dangerous laying around, that's not what I mean by something your child can get into, I mean things like crayons, markers, paint etc. Let's take a journey back in time 6 years ago. I was dog tired, I had just worked midnights and came home and had to get my toddler ready to go to birthday party. (I would like to add that I didn't typically work night shift, my relief staff didn't show up and I was stuck at work) Anyways, off we go to the birthday party, we have…

Unwritten Household Rules (Respect and Common Sense)

When I was kid there wasn't an abundance of technology. Household computers were not a thing. The most tech savvy gadget in my household was Nintendo. As kids we were expected to play and use our imagination (something sadly most kids lack these days, thanks technology). My parents encouraged me to play outside with my friends, but with this came some household rules that I learned to respect and follow, and continued to follow. 

I now understand why my mother hated when I asked in front of her if so and so could come over to play. She was always irritated by it. Even though she usually would let so and so come over, I heard all about it later and usually got in trouble. I can't stand when my son immediately gets off the bus and in front of everyone asks for a play date for so and so to come over. I refuse to be a push over and stand firm but it irritates the hell out of me. I suppose it's punishment for doing it to my mother many years ago. 

I'm trying to enforce simila…